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Our Mission…Molding Relationships

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Relationships in Molding...
We leverage our dynamic interactive relationships in the molding community.

Molding of Relationships...
We are always forming new & strengthening existing relationships. The heart of Master Tool and Mold’s mission is to be continually developing and building bridges to people and organizations that we can serve with both our small part injection molding expertise as well as with our standing, contacts, & position in the tooling and molding community of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States of America.

How can we serve you?

Our Values:

  • Customers – Our sole purpose for existence is our customer. We value the opportunity to serve them by molding relationships, discovering and meeting their needs, and adding value to their organization.
  • Integrity – In our desire to have peace of mind with both God and man, we value honest sincerity in dealing with people in truthfulness, honor, reliability, and righteousness.
  • Character – As part of our eternal wealth, we value the reputation that comes from leading with moral strength, pursuing vision with honor, using our influence to build people, and walking in servant hood according to biblical principles.
  • Workers – As our very existence and future is dependent on their faithfulness and hard work, we value and are loyal to the people and families who make up MTM.
  • Excellence – In order to please ourselves, our customers, and to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”, we value excellence and that passion to be the best, resulting in continuous improvement, and our striving for consistently high standards.


In the spring of 1984, Frederick A. Stermer, a Christian and a journeyman toolmaker, began thinking of leaving his seemingly secure post at a large electronics manufacturer in York, Pennsylvania. He had been invited to head up the tool room of a small injection molder, but had a caution flag in his spirit as to whether or not to proceed, and how. Sitting in church one night, he found his direction. He could participate as an independent contractor and not as a partner, so he would not be 'unequally yoked.' He would take the skills of tool making that he had mastered, and put them to use for his true Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. So Master Tool and Mold, Incorporated was born.

By the summer of 1984, he was not only helping his host company but also serving some outside accounts. In 1986, he moved to another molder’s location, continuing to provide their tooling needs while building other customer relationships. In May of 1990, five thousand (5,000) square feet of the current plant location on Market Street was leased and injection molding was added to further supply our customers.

After years of growth on the injection molding side of the business, the tool room was moved to another location. With some additional expansion and another key customer, Master Tool and Mold decided they could serve better by re-joining the tooling and molding operations. Thus, the current twenty-five thousand (25,000) square feet were leased and the business units came together with the offices, tooling, molding, 100K clean room, packaging, warehousing and shipping, all under one roof.

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