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Small Part Plastic Injection Molding

Master Tool and Mold has evolved into an advanced facility that is able to run “lights out” automated injection molding for large quantity runs. Quality inspections are performed regularly to ensure the specifications are met and the production process is running efficiently. The company runs three shifts, utilizing vertical insert loading and over molding machines, maintained by three press setup personnel and two press operators.

Scientific Molding:

Master Tool and Mold follows the Scientific Molding Process which is implemented for all jobs to meet specifications and ensure consistent quality.  This involves highly trained processing personnel and guides each part through the production process. Every employee is responsible for Quality Control in every department.

small part plastic injection molding


The company has a friendly reputation and prides itself on meeting “face to face” to provide valuable engineering and consulting service for each customer. The employees have extensive combined experience in small part injection molding.

Storage & Delivery:

The Master Tool & Mold facility features a vast storage area to warehouse materials and finished parts to ensure on-time delivery. This is tied directly into the company’s packaging department where products can be packaged by weight count, bags, seal-bagging and boxing. The facility can handle full truckload shipments as well as provide drop shipping.

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