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Master Tool and Mold has a complete facility, an experienced staff, and can run fully automated for three shifts with around the clock capabilities. The company specializes in small parts up to 1” cubed in diameter and provides consistent repeatability of high quality part production. The company is focused and equipped to operate in capacities in-between micro-molder and large injection molder. Master Tool is able to run with up to 55 ton machines.

Resin Types:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Nylon
  • Acetyl
  • ABS
  • Lexan
  • And More…

Starting A Project With Master Tool:

We are able to start a new project with only basic sketches or ideas for a project, component or production part. We will determine the requirements and work through a “Go / No-Go” process so that you are comfortable with getting to key points in the development process. We can recommend other molders if the project were to be outside of our tonnage or capabilities. Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement is a standard practice and available if necessary.


If you have a project where you want to find out if the part will function and work properly, Master Tool is able to provide prototype services and produce a small quantity of parts. We are able to do a single cavity prototype in aluminum or steel. Once production and maintenance of the prototype tool reach a substantial volume, the project can be moved to a full cavity production tool.

Master Tool is able to provide a prototype part and 3-D printed samples by using an existing part or CAD designed solid model. We can provide pricing comparison for a prototype and a production tool. Also, a part price is generated for prototype production and full cavity tool production processes.

The company has complete CAD capabilities and operates Solid Works software to meet part specifications. The design engineers have worked extensively with 3-D printing to build molds and are able to accept most any form of specification to import models for a tool.

Once we have the concept, drawing and specifications, our experienced staff can provide consulting and guidance to work towards the best product solution. From this point, the design engineers will handle the prototype tooling development and manage all aspects of the design.


Tool-Making Equipment:

  • Milling Machines, Surface Grinders, Lathes, & EDM

Injection Molding Equipment:

  • Certified 100K Clean Room houses Boy 22 & 55 Ton presses
  • Additional production areas contain Boy 22's & 55's
  • Milicron 50 Ton electric 'RoboShot' molding machines
  • Vertical Molding

Support equipment:

  • Sprue-picker robots
  • Hot-runner controllers
  • Automated packaging and bagging devices
  • Electronic scales
  • Comparators and inspection equipment
  • Dryers and blenders
  • Automatic material feeding systems
  • Grinders, conveyors and chiller
  • Mold temperature controllers
  • Ultra sonic welding
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